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Hollywood Rush Coffee is made using a secret blend of 100% Arabica Coffee.
Many of our blends contain Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian, Kona and/or Columbian Beans.
Unlike other brands, most Hollywood Rush Coffee roasts are lighter in nature specifically roasted to increase the caffeine content.

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Hollywood Rush Coffee is scientifically designed, blended and roasted to increase the caffine content.
Hollywood Rush Coffee is intended to give you a kick.
Our coffee will make you...

Choose from Cappuccino, Café Latte, Whipped Coffee, Regular Gourmet Coffee, Frappucino and Espresso.
Add tantalizing flavors such as Hazelnut, Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel to make a good thing even better.
All coffee is available either Hot, Cold or Blended

For those who are really looking to "Feel The Rush"  Hollywood Rush Coffee offers a full line alcoholic additions so you can enjoy...

Studies have shown that coffee has the most helath benefits when consumed within 20 minutes of brewing which is one of the reasons Hollywood Rush Coffee is is always fresh brewed 

Hollywood Rush Coffee will also be available for purchase in one pound bags that our customers can take home and brew themselves.